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NATURAL & Flexible


KinglySlate is the flexible stone veneer that is revolutionizing the world’s stone cladding. It has a fiberglass backing which provides firmness and lightness.  


KinglySlate is an adaptable, durable and weatherproof stone lining. Each sheet is unique due to its extraordinary production process. Despite its thinness and flexibility, it is a material that gives the appearance of a real stone block.    


The technology is so versatile that it can be adhered to almost any surface such as OSB, MDF, cement board, polystyrene board, drywall, composite boards, wood, metal, glass, ceramic tile, polycarbonate and steel frame.



  • 100% natural stone surface

  • Thickness: 1/16'' - 3/32''

  • Weight: approx. 0.31 - 0.33 lbs./ft.²

  • Sizes:  4 x 2 ft. and 8 x 4 ft.

  • Flexibility: bendable, can mold to round the figures

  • KinglySlate is resistant to ultraviolet rays

  • Easy to install and cut, even with a long-nosed tin snip

  • Low maintenance

  • KinglySlate can be installed on exteriors and interiors





1  Adhesive base

 Fiberglass sheet

3  Bonding resin

4  Real stone surface

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KinglySlate Standard is a stone veneer with real stone surface and a fiberglass backing which provides firmness and flexibility.

The material is extremely durable and therefore can be used as a wall covering on exteriors and interiors, as well as for industrial processing.


KinglySlate Translucent allows the allure of the stone and the elegance of the lighting to  be part of the product. 


Due to the gracefulness of its final appearance, KinglySlate Translucent becomes a perfect choice for numerous design



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